Monday, August 15, 2011


The other day I took Pippi out for her evening walk.  As we rounded our final corner, my neighbor was in the process of setting this door out on by the curb.  Intrigued I asked him, "Are you setting that door out as trash?"  He stated that indeed he was. Apparently his garage had reached a tipping point and it was time to get rid of some bigger items taking up residence there.  Just to be sure I followed up my first question with, "So you are just giving this away for free?" 

Yes he was.


I rushed home to fetch my trusty Civic.  Together we slowly drove the door around the block to our house.

I had to leave both of my passenger side doors open as I drove  in order to fit the door into my car.  No problem.  A few police officers live in our neighborhood.  I held my breath that I would not run into them on my quick jaunt home.  Did I mention the door was free?
  So Mr. Door went from my neighbor's garage straight to my garage.  As Josh and I unloaded the car, I excitedly shared with him how we could turn this free door horizontal and make it a headboard for our bedroom!  Hurray!
Anyone notice a little problem with that idea?  This is what I had in mind when I picked up the door.
 The problem is that the door featured in this picture has completely different paneling from my free door.  The door I picked up would not be symmetrical if we hung it as a headboard.  I thought about throwing caution to the wind and still doing it.  Unfortunately, when I casually mentioned this idea to Josh, he thought it would bug him.  It probably would bug me too honestly.  But I really like the door.  Josh wanted to put it back in the trash.  Undeterred, I did a bit of Googling.

As a result, I found the perfect use for our free door!  Check out this link to see...

Pretty cool huh?  It will mean that I will need to paint the door and and order glass to go over it.  I want to put the large desk in our playroom.  It would be great to have that area for me to sew or the kids to do bigger craft projects.  Josh and I decided on file cabinets instead of saw horses.  We are going to try and get a set at Goodwill and then spray paint them a color to either match or compliment the color we paint the door.

I only have a week left of vacation. Will this get done before then?  Probably not.  But it is still exciting to have a plan and know that we can put the free door to use in our house!

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